Succulent and Cactus Workshop


The last Friday of this month is going to blow your socks off! There will be wine, plants, beautiful pottery and a fun group of plant parents in all stages/forms! You will not want to miss it!

Details below!

Date and Time: Friday, September 28th 2018 at 5:30pm

Location : Cafe Madrid, 4501 Travis St Dallas, TX 75205

Point of the Workshop: You will be planting an assortment of cacti in a locally hand made piece of Solid Studio’s pottery in a grey or blush that is 4-5″ wide, as pictured below. I also will send you home with knowledge on how to keep your arrangement and other cacti alive in a home!

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(you will be making an arrangement in a piece of pottery like in the picture above)

All of the cactus and succulents are sourced from California, as pictured below, you will get two minerals to accessorize your arrangement, moss will go on top of the soil as a covering AND you will learn exasctly how to take care of your arrangement so that you don’t become a plant murderer!!

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(we will be using these exact plants)

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(all participants will go home with one rose quartz and 1 geode)

Additional Details: The class is $55 and if you buy two or more you will get a $10 discount if you sign up on or before 9/21/18!! While at the class I will be serving your first glass of wine on my dime and providing some yummy tapas, appetizers, from Cafe Madrid! Olay!

Tell all your friends, all are welcome! Please text or email me with any questions!

Payments can be made via Venmo, Paypal (fees may apply), CC (fees may apply), or cash!



Repotting a Monster

Oh the love and work you put into a plant, am I right? First you have to have an empty space, then a container, then the light conditions for that “perfect plant” you just KNOW will look great, then you have to pot it & well you get the idea. There is a lot that both the owner of the plant and the seller of said plant put into making everything perfect for that initial instal, but what happens when that perfect plant needs to be repotted? Well below I’m going to answer that great question!

First you have to notice the signs, it can be as subtle as browning leaves or no new leaf production or as in your face as a root growing out of the top of your container! Crazy, right?! The most common sign that I see is “hair roots” on top of your soil that look like little thin fibers, this is a sure sign that your plant baby needs a new pot and some fresh soil!

Once you’ve figured out that you need to repot your plant you need to get a larger container, fresh soil, water, some fertilizer and your favorite plant expert around! Every plant is different so having someone who knows what they’re doing is KEY! If you’re a DIY kind of person though check this informative article out! —>¬†

Getting your plant out can be a bear, check out this Dracaena Tarzan that we just repotted blow,

Those roots were actually reaching for the water that was below as it was a pot inside a pot, a faux planting. (another post in the future perhaps can elaborate on that)

So anyway all of this to say, repot your plant babies! They grow, they get hungry, they need vitamins & are a therapeutic chore or an asset to be maintained.

“Don’t stick baby in a corner” and forget about her! (The plant is the baby…)

When you have  happy plant, YOU will be happy.

drac 4.JPG

thanks for the read!