Hi there! Welcome! Let us assure you that you have come to the right place! Our small business will be happy to take care of you as if we go way back, catering to each and every person, project or event in a caring and personal way is the only way we know how to do things. We offer quite a few different services revolving around, you guessed it, all things GREEN. Bringing life to your patio, event, yard and home is what we are in business to do!

Below we have chosen to showcase a few of our services, however if you do not think that what you need is shown do not be shy! Shoot us an email or text with your inquiry! If we do not have the time or capability to do the job then chances are we know someone who is!

Jordan is our lead designer for all things outside of the yard and has been in the business since 2013. She has a passion for the weird, the beautiful and lush greenery. Floral design..succulent and cactus installs and arrangements..tropical and cactus specimen placements..and all other things green on both large and small scale events and installations are her JAM!


Book your baby shower, wedding showers, office party, house warming or anything else you’d like to make beautiful with us! We have been hired to do 500 table events, 5-10 arrangement events and “just a few stems” events AND have loved them all! Seriously! Give us a call, text or email to start planning! At the bottom of this page we have added a contact box with some questions that will help you get started if you don’t know where to start!

Succulents, Cacus, Events and Workshops!

Succulents arrangement are so much fun! Some succulents mix well with cactus too & wow do they make great additions to an event, home or office! Jordan has been hosting workshops since 2015 and now does them for us! They are always a great time, informational and typically… during happy hour! You can hire us to do a work party, birthday or anything else! We have even done an engagement party where the whole bridal party came in to do the layered terrariums for the wedding reception’s centerpieces! So much fun is ready to be had, it just takes 3 or more and can start as low as $35 per person with ALL materials covered. – OR – If you want to wait till the next public workshop make sure to follow our Instagram so you can sign up fast! @jdubdesigns

Interior Installations

Statement pieces make a home when talking about furniture, flooring, countertops and yes, PLANTS! Having the right plant will bring you Joy and we are here to make sure that happens! We can take care of everything from finding that perfect container to sourcing a specimen cactus from California all the way to installing it professionally so that your floors are protected and everything in between. We offer plant watering services if you want plants without the responsibility of watering them which makes life so easy. For those of you who have the pot, want to do it yourself or already have it all then we can get just the plant for you, if you are on the hunt for a specific plant then we can hunt it down for you by ordering it from one of our Florida, California or Texas sources. Let’s get you planted!

Landscape Details

Landscaping is such a broad spectrum of a word and, no, we do not do everything that the word encompasses. But, what we do DO is detail oriented, done right and we do not ever stand for sloppy work. Jim, our founder, has been in the business since 2008 officially and as a retired marine he has the work ethic needed to get anything that comes our way done right. If you have an idea of what exactly you are wanting to do! If we cannot do what you are wanting then chances are we have a great recommendation!

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